Humans in the early 21st century find themselves more and more  depended from computers, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions,  smartwachtes.  The whole internet  becomes  a "necessity" to live "fully". 


Those who know that only a few "YEARS" ago all this was non-existant, are becoming a minority.  The abnormal become the normal.  Voices are today allready produced by software instead of people. 


"Can I help you ?".  The instrument said. said!


What does this mean for our daily activities.  How do these instruments become truly instrumental.  Create true value.  And how do we stay master of the technology ? 


Expertise and craftmanship is very precious.


It took humanity ages to build a wealth of expertises. 


It can take a lifetime to master a craft.


Computertechnology tend to make this a bit odd looking.  Is that really so ?  Is that technology the answer, the final replacement that fullfill our needs.


Expertise and craftmenship are still very precious.  The are the original and that will stay for a very long time.  


However, adaption, integration, utilisation are imminent.  Expertise and automatisation live side by side.  Every day a bit closer to each other.


The ensemble of our human nature, advanced instruments and expertise is a profound foundation of the ability to deliver services.


Services potentially enable  our existence.


At Bowline we understand this at the most profound level.  We are no geeks, we are human.  We value other things than a smartwatch does.  We fancy the world in another way than artificial intelligence does.


Our services however need adaption.  An Excell worksheet no longer serve the goal.  


That insight is our foundation, even we may still have far too many questions and few answers about the future.  However long term decision are important and services need to be in alignment with that future.

A new way to deal with opportunities and risks !